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adding white and neutrals


i like color.

you could almost say i’m a “colorful” kind of gal…actually i think someone has even described me as “colorful” in the past.

or was that “interesting”?

whatever the case i like color. and my house used to be all color and no “light”. but the trend in my house these days seems to be leaning the other way, of a lot of “light” has been added.

you can see it in my quilts.

my furniture that i paint seems to reflect this as well.

i’ve even started a new obsession of white and milk glass. especially when found at a second hand store for $1.50 it most definitely becomes an obsession to find more of it.

just recently i changed my main color of my bedding to white. (the quilt in my header sits at the end of my bed so there is a little bit of color there.) katie’s room, with as much color that she has…she does have a couple of white painted furniture and white plates.

and while the color is still found in my home, (maybe i’ll do a post of all the color in my house next)…i am starting to see some more lights and neutrals.

as for my personality i think it’s most defitnitely still heavy on the “colorful” side.

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