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armoire before and after


so i mentioned that i went to home depot last weekend and that i’ve been working on a project that i’ve procrastinated on for quite some time…
i got some paint and finally got to it…

when i bought this armoire from a friend 5 (or was it 6?) years ago, my intention was to get it and immediately paint it a cream or fire engine red. well, just shortly after i got it our marathon of moves started to happen due to the army… and after so many years we are finally sort of feeling settled here in the middle of nowhere.i used “behr ivory” and then with a power sander sanded the edges. the final step was to get a stain on it to give it the more dirty worn white look. i used the “american walnut” polyurethane stain.

yes i know, that would be the quilt that usually goes in my daughter’s room. for now it hangs pretty here and the nine patch i just got back from the quilter is hanging in her room. i already know what i want to do for a quilt here…oh yes, the wheels are turning, i’ll show you as it progresses.

i changed things around for more cheery colors. see there’s one of my milk glass and of course my two most favorite prints in the world in hoops.

yes i think the white makes it a little more updated and i like how it brightens things up.

next on the list:

recovering my 12 and half year old couches…but it might just take me another good 5 years to get around to that big project…and by then, couldn’t i justify new ones?

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