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it just wasn’t completely right


one thing is for sure: take a picture of your room and everything you like about it will be highlighted as well as everything you DON’T like about it.
it was all bugging me and i didn’t know how to make it better. so i started to play with things.
one thing that bugs me is the green wall. i want it tan. mainly because it’s the past owners green wall not mine. when i get to it i think it will make my room look a little more like what i am envisioning.

i looked all around to see what i could do and i came up with this for now. baskets on the wall like in my laundry room. the serving plate’s been around for a while but i spray painted it white so it would go with the neutral theme i was going for.

the quilt was bugging me too so now it rest nicely on the chair ready for use when the fall and winter months hit. the wreath i hung from the rack i think helps not take away from the armoire.

all is now well in my picture. for the time being that is. (well except for the cords that i’m working on disguising by the armiore.)

have a great weekend.

we get another one at home and let me tell you we’re relaxing this time around!

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