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happy birthday


to the husband
because he was over seas, i made everything he hated for his birthday last year. we did this so he wouldn’t be sad that he couldn’t be here.

but this year with him being with us, we had to opportunity to do the birthday tradition of making the very infamous ice cream birthday cake that all the kids in my husband’s family got to have for their birthday growing up and one that i’ve sort of kept going for him in our family.

now my husband being the #5 of 5 kids, didn’t know there was any other way and thought all the boys and girls throughout the universe had this cake for their birthday.

so hence we have the vanilla with pink lemonade concentrate ice cream cake with graham cracker crust.

a few days ago i asked “do we have to do pink lemonade in it?”

the look on his face was as if someone had just told him that santa clause didn’t exsist or that the sun won’t rise tomorrow.

it wasn’t till that moment after 34 years of having the “ice cream cake with pink lemonade” that the thought occurred to him “wait i have options?”

we did apple raspberry concentrate instead of pink lemonade.

the verdict:

the husband and kids all love it better.

what i learned from this little incident…after 11 and half years being married to my husband, i just assumed that he loved the pink lemonade in the cake…and…

my husband after 34 years of going to the grocery store never once thought…”hey, there’s other juice concentrates in the frozen section.”

happy birthday to the man who keeps me laughing

i love you.

edited: here you go you complaining bunch of nancys! 😉 the recipe:

but instead of pink lemonade subsitute for your choice of berry concentrate.

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