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good eats from the garden


this post is mainly for my organic eating, healthy living, excersing, just recently cell phone using, hispanic, spitfire of a mother…first off to wish her a happy birthday, but also so verify that once again i am taking good care of her grandchildren and making them eat things that aren’t fully processed comes out of an aerosol can and looks fluorescent orange. can i just say one thing here?

i have peas coming out of everywhere. i mean it, i haven’t been this regular in years.

had i known how many stinkin‘ peas i would get from one plant let alone two whole damn rows of plants i probably would of re-thought how many of those little boogers i put into the ground.

we planted two kinds:

“early frostys” (which the kids and i just sit and pick and eat right then and there)

and “oregon sugar pods” (which i currently can’t keep up with and find myself swearing every time i go out there to go pick some more…i mean how many ways can i steam and saute these blasted things?)

so see mom your grand kids are eating super healthy and are super regular.

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