texture and sort of like martha’s pom poms


i made this pillow yesterday.
i don’t know if you can tell but i’m really into texture right now.
i’m working on a new moda bake shop project which has a lot of texture.
this little throw pillow is to go with katie’s quilt cover i’m making for her toddler bed. it makes sense in my head, hopefully it works out in real life…we will see.

yesterday we also played with tissue paper at my house.
the boys had lots of fun “making stuff” which later was called “mom vacuming up a lot of little pieces of tissue paper..yay…fun”. katie just thought it was fun to step and jump on it all the while screaming “oh no! oh no!” wierd girl.
my final product were these pom poms using this tutorial.
i’ve been eyeing the martha stewart pom poms but couldn’t justify $10 for tissue paper. mine cost around $3 and could make 9. i only made six so i guess it cost me less than that…like… ouch my head hurts…use a calculator…$1.98.
but with the ones the boys used i guess that goes up to $3…still a bargain if you ask me.
“now that’s a good thing”

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