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V and Co.: snicker doodle ice cream cookies

one thing is for sure. having the kids around 24/7 is quite the shock the to system that might throw you in for a tail spin after having them be gone for 6 hours at a time for the school year. here’s a fun and easy way to get a few “awesome mom” points and […]

V and Co: how to make: 3 minute walnut fudge

 so here at V and Co. we’ve made 3 minute fudge, and then last year we did 3 minute mint fudge, this year i made 3 minute walnut fudge. still trying to confuse those around me and on the internet that i can actually be somewhat of a cook…well at least in the dessert aspect […]

V and Co: how to make a pretty apple pie

welcome to part two of the apple pie saga.  find part one here. okay so now that you have all this apple pie filling in your pantry. lets make an actual apple pie out it shall we? now if you are looking for a homemade pie crust…keep looking cause that’s not what i’m doing here. […]

V and Co: hello kitty cupcakes

my daughter’s birthday is this sunday. when i asked her what she wanted her cupcakes for school to look like she gave me a blank stare. “i don’t know.” come on kid, give me something to work with here. so i started naming things off and hello kitty got an excited look and “YEAH! YEAH! […]

V and Co: cooks: 3 minute 3 ingredient mint fudge

last year i gave you this 3 minute fudge…well with the holidays in full swing lets add a little holiday twist to it shall we? this fudge can go by many names: simple mint fudge, increase your jean size fudge, make your friends fat so you look good fudge…but i went with the “make you […]

V and Co cooks: cake cookies with sprinkles

yes, thank you for all the kind words and sympathy on my finger. had no idea how many of you out there have done the same thing. i’ve not touched my sewing machine since last thursday, but today i will change that and give it another go. wish me luck. this last weekend though we […]

3 minute microwave homemade fudge

this last week was our first “mommy and littlest ones left at home get together” during the school hours. we were celebrating one our friends moving. wait, that sounded wrong. we were getting together to send her off with one last get together in celebration of her. hmmm. okay words are not working for me […]

our weekend

independence day was wonderful. low key, a lot of good BBQ food, and of course apple pie. because hello what’s more american than apple pie right? i’m still reaping the benefits of my canning from last year. we’re down to 2 apple pie fillings for the year. but i’m planning on canning again this year…mainly […]

recipe: chocolate chip cookies (with special ingredient)

okay so i teased you with a picture of my cookies. and lets face it…there’s a lot of choc chip cookie recipe’s out there…but mine is a little different. or maybe its not. let me know if you’ve heard of this: to make my chocolate chip cookies extra fluffy i substitute the sugar with one […]

recipe: black bean and corn salsa

welcome july!!!! phew here already? okay yes i know i said i was going to give you the secret ingredient for the cookies. tomorrow! oh and yes for all of you that requested the pan de vonos recipe…i’m trying to make my mom stop long enough to sit down and write it down. she promises […]

on the 12th day of canning

my apple trees gave to me: 12 jars of apple pie filling (find recipe here) 11 jars of apple butter (find recipe here) 10 sticky fingers 9 cans of apple sauce (find recipe here) 8 new ways to use swear words 7 nights of hard sleeping 6 apple dumplings (find my sis in law HEATHER’S […]

(i can’t believe it’s) zucchini crisp recipe

i’ve become quite sentimental about traditions as of late. i want “US” to have lot of them. i want our kids to have the opportunity to expect things on certain occasions. we’re actually working on quite a few around here as we speak. *like every morning after my early a.m. walk, i wake everyone up […]

super moist banana bread

seriously i don’t know what’s going on with me. i normally don’t enjoy cooking. heck i pat myself on the back when i order and get pizza on the table just in time for the husband to walk in. i actually enjoyed and was so giddy when i made this. signs of the apocalypse? no, […]

first things first, visitors, and hell freezing over (again)

hello! yes i’m talking to you. {over here waving and jumping up and down} i just wanted to say i enjoy your comments, questions, emails, tweets, and links! thank you! seriously do you know how tempted (each day) i am to go to each one of your guys’ sites and give you as much praise, […]

good eats from the garden

this post is mainly for my organic eating, healthy living, excersing, just recently cell phone using, hispanic, spitfire of a mother…first off to wish her a happy birthday, but also so verify that once again i am taking good care of her grandchildren and making them eat things that aren’t fully processed comes out of […]

happy birthday

to the husband because he was over seas, i made everything he hated for his birthday last year. we did this so he wouldn’t be sad that he couldn’t be here. but this year with him being with us, we had to opportunity to do the birthday tradition of making the very infamous ice cream […]

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