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V and Co: how to make: 3 minute walnut fudge


 so here at V and Co. we’ve made 3 minute fudge, and then last year we did 3 minute mint fudge, this year i made 3 minute walnut fudge.

still trying to confuse those around me and on the internet that i can actually be somewhat of a cook…well at least in the dessert aspect of things. when in actuality i am anything but a great cook. it’s okay i can’t be it all…good looks, crafty as hell, and an awesome cook would just make people mad at me. so i’ll just go with the reality of short hairy colombian girl that has to wax and shave a lot, likes to sew and makes lots of mistakes to get to the final product but when she gets there likes to teach others how to do it too, and doesnt really like to cook but will, and if it looks good and comes out tasting good? bonus!

welcome to my blog i get lucky 48.8% of the time and this is where i put that 48.8% in pictures.

okay so enough about me. lets talk about this yummy fudge.

ingredients needed:

 2 packages of 11.5 oz chocolate chips (one dark and one milk chocolate)

1 14 oz can of condensed milk

1 small bag of chopped walnuts

3 tablespoons of butter (i forgot to add it to my first batch and it made the fudge kind of dry)

– first place in a microwaveable bowl your 2 packages of chocolate chips, your condensed milk, and your butter.

-next place in the microwave for 3 minutes

 -meanwhile get you bag of chopped walnuts and…chop them a little more.

-put some aside to place on top of your fudge

 -once your 3 minutes in heaven is done in the microwave, stir in walnuts, then pour into a square pan. mine was a 9×9 pan. if you want thinner squares do a 9 x 13 pan.

let it cool, then cut into squares.

do what you want with the fudge, but i suggest you give some of it away…cause it can be dangerous to just have it in the house.

we’ll talk soon.

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