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second noisemaker turns double 1


my second noisemaker is turning 11 today.

i didn’t get an updated picture of him and this one is over two summers old.

hmmm may need to sit him down and change that.

a few things about this one at this time:

-you love chocolate. probably as much as your mother.

-you are kind, quiet, and pensive.

-you have a very quick wit, and can make your family laugh at the most inappropriate (and sometimes appropriate) times.

-you love school. no really you do it’s kind of weird.

-you still love star wars stuff no matter what you say to your friends.

-you love to play airsoft with your brother and friends.

-your favorite color is blue

-you love the art of food, and pretty sure you will surpass your mother on that skill (not that hard but you know what i mean)

-you can get a long with most people.

-you are very smart. and i’m not just saying that cause i’m your mom, the tests show it, and i am sure you will use it for good and not eeeeeviiiiiil.

-you are a good kid. through and through you think of others (yes even the little brother you share a room with that annoys you to no end) and think of their feelings.

-you want to give football a shot. okay lets try it.

-you are the first to say thank you to others.

-you are a peacekeeper

-you are learning to sew. and are really a natural at it. be careful i will use and abuse that talent.

-we are truly blessed to have you, you make us feel like good parents. 🙂

happy birthday son.  you are on your way to becoming an amazing adult. love you so much.

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