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V and Co: around the house


 i’ve been super busy cutting up fabric

 creating messes

and then sewing up the cut up fabric.

the fabric featured here is the simply color ombre dots in aqua

i love how it looks in a dresden plate.

i’m working on making a few more in the green and the gray. 🙂

and well…you will have to wait and see what i’m making with the pink. i’m in love with it 🙂

 we’ve also been decorating for christmas at our house.

the christmas music is a blarin’, the apple spice plug ins are a smellin’, and the target store bought perfect fake tree is up and decorated. 🙂

i did buy these cute little trees for my office space. so i can transform to this:

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

🙂 i don’t know if mine will look as cute…but i’ll give it a shot.

okay back to sewing so i can show you something finished!

we’ll talk soon.