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V and Co: how to make a pretty apple pie


welcome to part two of the apple pie saga. 

find part one here.

okay so now that you have all this apple pie filling in your pantry. lets make an actual apple pie out it shall we?

now if you are looking for a homemade pie crust…keep looking cause that’s not what i’m doing here. all we’re doing here is taking pre-made stuff and creating a very pretty lattice pie crust.

oh i’ve tried to make my own crust…and i don’t have the touch yet. i’ll keep trying and someday i’ll get it right and then i’ll rejoice.

but now is not that time. 🙂

okay what you need:

-one deep dish frozen pie crust

-one package of unrolled pie crust (you will only use one)

-one mason jar of apple pie filling

-pizza cutter

-1/4 cup of milk

-1/4 cup of sugar

-pour one mason jar full of apple pie into the crust.

-unroll one pie crust

-with the pizza cutter make strips from the pie crust

-notice that my pie crust was a little munched on one side, it’s okay we will use it for the leafs so i placed it aside.

-you will need to leave just a little for the leaves.

-start by placing strips of the dough across the top of the pie…

– cut off the excess and add it to the extra you placed it aside.

-now to make the lattice part of the crust.

-you are going to interweave the strips of the dough the other way now

-continue to interweave the dough strips.

-press down the ends when you get all the lattice done.

-roll out the extra dough

-with a knife cut out leaf shapes, and draw lightly on the leaf (not going through all the way)

-pull back the extra dough from your cut out leaves.

-place the leaves on top of the lattice you just created

-get your milk and your sugar and if you have a pastry brush it will be helpful.

-brush some milk on top of the leaves and lattice.

-after you have brushed milk all over the top of the crust, sprinkle sugar on top of the crust.


-preheat your oven to 375 degrees

-while waiting for the oven to preheat get a square piece of foil paper and fold in 4.

-cut the foil to create a circle

-place the foil on top of your pie (this will save your edges from browning too much)

-cook for 30 minutes

-remove the tin foil

-continue to cook for 30 minutes or until you see the juice boil.

now you have a pretty pretty pie.

and it should taste really good.

we wouldn’t know because:

while we weren’t looking the dog decided to get on his hind legs and grab and drag the pretty pretty pie onto the floor and proceed to eat the WHOLE  *breathe vanessa breathe* whole pie.

it happened on thanksgiving morning of all days. so when i saw the pie tin empty on the floor. i screamed “NO WAY!no nononononoooooooo.!” the whole family came running and then they all stopped short and no one said a word because i wasn’t saying anything anymore but i was flapping my arms up and down…not saying a word. the husband kindly and quietly suggested we just buy a pie.

i gave him “the stare” he quickly backed away.

and then we went to try to find a pie.

oh yeah did you know that EVERYONE and their DOG buy pies BEFORE thanksgving morning??

we even asked the lady at the bakery in walmart if they had any apple pies left.

she gave me the look as “moron, everyone bought pies yesterday.”

k fine so we bought a frozen pie.

and you know what?

thanksgiving was fine.

but i can’t wait to finally eat my apple pie. maybe this weekend. i mean i have 6 more quarts. 🙂