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V and Co: how to make: canned apple pie filling


i don’t love to cook.

and when i cook it never really ever looks awesome.

but for some reason that is not the case for my apple pie.

yeah, i dare say that my apple pies look as good as they taste.

too bad it doesn’t look as pretty on your butt and thighs as it does in pie form but you know what? choose your battles right?

so here it is. how to make: 1st the canned apple pie filling and then in a 2nd post how to create the pretty apple pie from the canned apple pie filling.

okay lets give it a go.

 this recipe will provide 6 to 7 quarts of canned apple pie. i usually make a lot of this to give away to teachers and friends for christmas. or if your family really loves apple pie keep it all to yourself. the canning part will make it so that you can keep this stuff in your pantry for a looooong time (yup, years if it makes it that long)

here’s what you are going to need to actually CAN your apple pie filling:

the method i use is called the COLD PACK method of canning. the reason this is called a cold pack even though we are boiling our jars is because the fruit is not cooked before it is placed in the jars. 🙂

you will need:

first things first you will need this Water-Bath Canner with Rack (or something like it)

it’s essential to all canning so if you are looking to do this often or are looking to continue onto canning more things this is a necessity.

then you will need  Quart Mason Jars

i normally use the “regular mouth jars” but wide mouth are good too. there are a couple of companies that make these mason jars i use both Kerr and Ball both are good products.

if your jars dont come with the lids then you will need:

 Regular Mouth Jar Storage Caps 

i normally have people that give back the quarts i gift them or we use our quarts over and over so these lids are necessary.

then i also bought the  Utensil Set which helps with the pouring in the apple filling into the jars and it helps with pulling out hot jars when you do the canning part.

okay now for the apple pie filling supplies:

you will need:

-6 lbs of granny smith apples (i buy the 2 lb bags of apples)

-4 1/2 cups of white sugar

-10 cups of water

-1 cup corn starch

-2 tsp cinnamon

-1/4 tsp nutmeg

-1 tsp salt

– 3 Tbsp lemon juice

and to make your life easy in the peeling and coring area you will need this baby:

i use this great apple corer from pampered chef. if you don’t have a pampered chef one no worries, amazon has great ones like this one  and reasonably priced.

okay now lets get started!

okay first things first:

get your mason jars into the dishwasher, this will sterilize your jars.

now you are going to peel and core all your apples

the apple corer will create a “springy” curly Q apple. this will make cutting it up so much easier

-once your apples are all peeled and cored, cut the apples in half, and if you want smaller pieces cut in half again.


-in a large pot combine:

sugar, cornstartch, cinnamon, nutmeg, 10 cups of water and lemon juice.


-cook mixture to a boiling point, then lower the heat to medium. continue to mix till the liquid becomes “clear” (it’s not really clear it just becomes a little transparent.) you will notice that it will will start to become thicker and bubbly.

-remove from heat.

-add all your apples into the mixture and mix a few times.


we already got the jars done but we need to sterilize the lids:

-in a small pot boil your lids for a few minutes.


-while you are sterilizing your lids go ahead and start to fill up your mason jars with the apple pie filling. i always fill mine up to right where the mouth of the jar starts (where you screw your lid on) this way there’s less chance of the filling oozing out when we boil our jars in the canning process.

-okay now grab your sterilized lids and place them on each of your jars.

-screw the band on as well.


-place your filled mason jars into the water bath canner pot (try saying that 5 times fast) i can fit 6 around and one in the center of the wire basket, so i do mine all at once.

-fill the pot with water so that it just covers and submerges the mason jars and lids.

-bring to a boil and boil for 25 minutes.

**if you are in higher altitudes you will need to add a little bit of time

altitude of:

up to 3000ft- 5 extra minutes

3000ft- 6000ft- 10 extra minutes

6000ft- 8000ft- 15 extra minutes

8000ft and higher- 20 extra minutes.


to know that you have properly canned your pie filling you will have to listen for the “pop” sound of the lid sealing.

sometimes this will happen within minutes and sometimes it takes up to an hour.

and now your apple pie filling is ready to be placed in your pantry for later use or to give to friends, teachers, and neighbors, for the holidays!

okay now tomorrow we are going to make these bad boys into this pretty pie.

see you tomorrow! 🙂