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it’s that time of the year where we give thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives.

*i am so thankful for a loving spouse who is really and truly my best friend.

*i’mthankfulfor my children. they have taught me to be a better person. without them i would be a very selfish human being unable to roll with the punches. (that’s all code wording for “i’m thankful for all the trials and gray hairs they have given me because i’ve learned to just let go of the small stuff”)

*i’m thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my fridge, the clothes on my body, and all the hard work my husband and i do to provide such necessities.

*i’m thankfulthat the jersey shore will no longer be on TV. i dont need to explain myself on that one.

*i’m thankful for a healthy working body.

*i’m thankful for great friends, family, and neighbors who tolerate my sarcastic self.

*i’mthankful for honey boo-boo, for she and her family are a great reminder that “at least we’re not that.”

*i’m thankful for running water, a warm bed, and someone to share it with.

*i’m thankful for all the hard time’s in my life, i feel like i’ve walked away a little bruised and battered…but better.

*i’m thankful that i don’t have satellite or Cable TV, i think we are a better family because of the lack of it.

*i’m thankful to be in a country where there is freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to choose who you are.

*i’m thankful i choose to be a God fearing individual, and i’mthankfulfor that right.

*i’m thankful that there are amazing families out there who serve for our military so that i can sit on my butt writing this on my computer as they are fighting to keep me safe…always.

*i’m thankful for my belief in faith and prayer.

*i’m thankful for the cottage cheese on my butt. nope, still not thankful for that.

*i’m thankful for my blog, the comments left (or not left) the friendships that have been created though it, and the business that was started by it.

*i’m thankful for all the modern technology, it is truly an amazing thing to have connections with family and friends from all over the world at a touch of a screen or click of a mouse.

*i’m thankful for my life. it truly is beautiful…the highs the lows, and all the in-betweens.

okay so now back to working on this:

yup, recipe with pictures coming soon. possibly friday. 🙂

have a wonderful day of giving thanks!

we’ll talk soon!

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