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independence day was wonderful. low key, a lot of good BBQ food, and of course apple pie. because hello what’s more american than apple pie right?
i’m still reaping the benefits of my canning from last year. we’re down to 2 apple pie fillings for the year. but i’m planning on canning again this year…mainly more apple pie filling. it made for a great neighbor gift at christmas…and well lets face it, there’s nothing better than being able to open a bottle of the stuff and have it taste like i just spent all day making it.
i took it to our neighborhood BBQ and it was a hit. 🙂
i know i’ve said this time and time again, but seriously thank you to the wonderful men and women who serve our country. and a huge thank you to the families who stay behind while their loved one is serving over seas or where ever. i can still feel like it was yesterday that jake was gone. and never before did family matter the most. i believe it was that year of hell that i grew the most, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. my hat goes off to the families who go through deployment over and over again. it takes toll on you, not just as an individual but as a family unit. i feel blessed to of been able to look at it now and say “we made it out okay”.
last year was still hard for our family with jake trying to re-integrate back to non over seas life, and for us trying to figure out life with him post deployment. i think i can now say, a year and a half later from his homecoming of spending a year in afghanistan…that the year spent trying to find out “normal” again was just as big as a trial as well. it’s starting to feel more like a dream, or at least its more of a memory rather than our day to day.
so to the women who send off their loved ones for year long deployments or year and half deployments…or even three months deployments. really, my hat goes off to you. you amaze me, you are wonderful. and you are some of the strongest women i have EVER met. you’ve changed my life completely watching you and learning from you, so that i could do it “just that once” and if ever need to do it again, i’ll look to you again, for the love and support that is always there when needed.

so here’s one more recipe that is huge for me and one that i’ll be spending a whole week doing this fall again, so that all year long i can reap it’s benefits but especially to be able to celebrate independence day with american apple pie.

apple pie filling

4 ½ cups sugar
1 cup corn starch
2 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp nutmeg
1 tsp salt

blend together. Add ten cups water, cook and stir until thick. Add 3 tbsp lemon juice. add your peeled and sliced apples. then leave ½ head space in each bottle. Makes 6-8 quarts. Cold pack for 20 minutes.

okay i’ll back off of all the food posts. for a little bit.
i think i’m going to try to sew a little this week.
hopefully i’ll have something to show you in that area here soon.
for now off to the pool.
and we’ll talk soon!

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