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on the 12th day of canning


my apple trees gave to me:

12 jars of apple pie filling (find recipe here)

11 jars of apple butter (find recipe here)
10 sticky fingers
9 cans of apple sauce (find recipe here)
8 new ways to use swear words
7 nights of hard sleeping

6 apple dumplings (find my sis in law HEATHER’S recipe here)
5 more apple fillings!
4 happy kids
3 apple turnovers
2 sore feet

and a wonderful home made apple pie!!!!

after doing all of this i also got a box full of plums from a friend, i made plum raspberry jam, and plain plum jam…then another lady gave me a box full of peaches…where i accidentally left them behind atanother friends’ house.
i have caller id, i’m not answering my phone when it’s her.
totally kidding.
i answered it and told her to do what she wants with them…
she gave them to another friend of ours.
i’m locking my doors and closing my blinds in hopes that i don’t get any more fruit of ANY kind.

i’m so over canning…and so happy it only comes once a year.

i’m so ready to get back to sewing.
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