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so it’s been nagging me that i wasn’t going to enter the blog quilt festival. i mean i have nothing that you havn’t seen already. and well everything that i’m working on…is just that, things i’m still working on.
nothing finished.
but it kept eating at me.

amy said it didn’t need to be fancy or new.
so here it is.

three super duper plain quilts i made a long time ago.
for my three boys.
they aren’t fancy or new…but they are special.
my husband’s old shirts make up part of each quilt.
back when i made the quilts i knew that one day their dad would be their hero.
it wasn’t till just recently when my oldest son had to write a paper on his hero, and he picked his dad, who “fought for freedom in afghanistan and had the courage to stay there for a year even when my mom was sad” that i knew i made the right choice in adding those pieces of clothing that represent his dad.
i plan for those quilts to go with them when they get married.
so amy thanks for hosting a great idea and i’m so glad i was able to join up even if it was almost at the last second!

come back monday there’s going to be a sponsored giveaway
i’m taking off so i can continue on one of my many started quilts.

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