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hello fall


all things fall are happening over here.
this banner was made to add just a little more fall to the place.
my house smells like apple pie (oh i can’t wait to show you all my canning! it’s sooo pretty!)

as a matter of fact i was so in the fall mood this last weekend, that my 7 year old had to sternly remind me, while at the store, that last year when i bought pumpkins this early in the month, they rotted.
i stared at him, blinked a few times, and slowly unclutched the pumpkin, set it down, and walked away.
okay 7 year old, you are right.
i’ll wait one more week, maybe two. but i REALLY want pumpkins all over my front porch.
when did my 7 year old become my reasoning voice?

remember that picture of my walk i showed you? well look! the trees are still holding on to the green, but the rest is starting to get that gold color…i’ll keep my eye out for when it actually turns fall colors…i think it will be absolutely gorgeous.

this is my friend’s house.

i wish mr v and co would put cute little flower baskets up for me so i could do pretty things like this to my windows. it would be so dreamy.

but he says no

because i wouldn’t take care of them, and he would get stuck doing all the work.


but oh so right.

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