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new way to hang plates 101


i love plates being on walls.
i wrote a whole post about it once.
but i hate the gross brassy plate hangers that help keep them up on the wall.

so i tried something new until i can get my hands on some of these:Invisible English Plate Hanger Disc-4 Inch (For Plates 8 to 12 Inches in Diameter)

*i got the hot glue gun out and some ribbon. (any ribbon or scraps of thinly cut fabric will work. i’ve tried both)

*once i put a nice dab of hot glue on the plate (on the rough part of the plate) and placed my ribbon on the hot glue, i then put another glob of hot glue on top just to seal it up a little more.

*i then went ahead and hung up my plates without the brassiness nastiness (please don’t spell check that…i’m sure it’s all kinds of wrong)


i tried this a few weeks ago and waited to post it till now after i made sure that if you did try it, we wouldn’t have crashing plates falling because of my suggestion. so far the hot glue has held up its side of the bargain at least in the small plate deal.

but i most definitely do not suggest hanging large frames this way or say 50lb mirrors…that would be just plain silly.

*if you are nervous about using hot glue you can always use stronger stuff like crazy glue or epoxy glue.


so remember:

*small plates= yes on the hot glued ribbon or fabric

*large 50lb frames or mirrors= stupid and silly to even try the hot glue idea.

don’t say i didn’t warn you.

let me know if you try it!
and i’ll post when i get my
Invisible English Plate Hanger Disc-4 Inch (For Plates 8 to 12 Inches in Diameter)
and thell you how it works!