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our weekend


we, for some reason this summer, haven’t been able to spend too many weekends just being home.
this weekend was completely different, we didn’t really go anywhere.

well we did make one trip to home depot.

name of the game this weekend…operation lets do some of the things we’ve been meaning to do for a long time all in two days.

that included:

*spreading a weed control plastic blanket in the kid’s play area

*spreading 90 bags of bark (and we still could use some more!) in the kid’s area

*mr v and co finished the sand box cover and we added more sand into the sand box that mr v and co made over two years ago.

*i bought paint (oh yes i did) to finally do a project i’ve been meaning to do for over 5 years now. (pictures to come later on this week)
*i made a new header for the blog. after seeing my friend melissa’s new header i had to get on it and make one for myself. (you can make your own mosaic here.)

we did a fire pit and then let the boys camp in our back yard. they’ve been wanting to do this ever since we let them sleep on the trampoline a few nights earlier this summer.
little miss thing wanted to be part of the camping experience as well.

katie tried she really did, but with all the excitement i think it was too much for her. around 10:30 we told her she had to go inside and try to fall asleep in her own bed. she didn’t like it, but finally gave in to the dark side and conked out.

all in all we had a good hard working weekend and i’m sore to prove it.

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