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remember my bedroom progress? well, i don’t like my bed pillows. no. actually. i hate them. it’s just too much, not right, all wrong (you get the idea) so i’m going with a softer look and i think i’m finally starting to love it…i’m still in the beginnings of making slipcovers so it will take a little while but when it’s done i think i will feel like i’m moving in the right direction.

the flu is finally making it’s round at our house. yeah, vomit actually ricocheted off the little one’s blankie and hit me in the face…yeah it was as gross as it sounds. all the boys were seriously grossed out with the whole thing and they weren’t even the ones that got puked on. i’m sure that will be a story that will go down in history “yeah remember when mom got puked on in the face?! hahaha!”
we’re just all crossing our fingers that it doesn’t hit anyone else and if it does hit us we pray it will hit us lightly…you know just how the flu always hits (one can dream) and i am one flu away from my ideal weight (name that movie) …yeah so if you don’t hear from me on monday you know where i’ll be! here’s to a good weekend! wish us luck!

ps i’m trying to be better about awards and actually mentioning when i get em so THANK YOU to this gal for giving me the “Kreative Blog Award” i love that some of you like what i’m putting out there!