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fake forks vs real forks


GI Joe and i have been acting like 3 year olds over here. well, to give you an idea i’m going to do a “conversation with GI Joe” if you will.
let me set the stage: go back um almost two weeks ago right before GI Joe came home and a week after i left washington to visit him. i believe it was a sunday night when i got the phone call it went a little like this:

GI joe: dude you are so going to owe me big time!
ME: oh yeah what for?
GI Joe: i went to forks for you!
ME: WHAT?! SERIOUSLY? grinning ear to ear
GI JOE: yeah, it was probably one of the most embarrassing things i’ve ever done. i dragged three other soldiers with me…
Me: oh man! thank you sooo much did you get pictures?
GI Joe: OF COURSE! but dragging the the guys out there wasn’t the worst part.
me: what could of been worse than being made fun of for driving 3 hours to a little town because your wife really loves a made up vampire?
GI Joe: I had to sit there and listen to the whole shpeal and listen to the tour with three little teeny boppers who kept giggling every time the lady said “edward” or “cullens” and i tagged along with them while they giggled and we all took pictures together.
ME:oh man i DO owe you big time!
now flash forward to right after his homecoming and everyone being all happy…
GI Joe: here are the pictures of Forks
Me: downloading them onto the computer
GI Joe: you so owe me…
ME: staring at the pictures Uh no i don’t…those aren’t the right pictures. you’ve been had…
GI Joe: uh no YOU’ve been had! those are the right pictures!
ME: no they aren’t
GI Joe: yes they are.
Me: uh NO they aren’t. i don’t know what these pictures are but they are not the houses that were in the movie!
GI Joe: well maybe they didn’t film it in Forks.
ME: flabbergasted that he would even say such a thing uh Yeah they did…i’ll call reader Julie, she knows EVERYTHING twilight!
GI Joe: go ahead i dare you
Me : on the phone with reader julie uh yeah did they film twilight in forks? me looking all smug at GI Joe husband
Me: oh i see okay, thanks. not wanting to turn around to look at GI Joe
GI Joe: chuckling what’d she say?
Me: it wasn’t filmed in forks
GI Joe: you soooooooooooo owe me…and you are going to post these on your blog…
ME: ugh
SO this is for you GI Joe husband (to stop your incessant “so i see you haven’t posted the fork pictures yet”): fake forks vs real forks
fork’s high school in the movie real high school in forks

fake bella swan house from the movie.

“real” bella house in forks

fake cullen house from the movie…now brace yourself…

um not even tripping on acid “real”cullen house in forks…

so there you have it…what GI Joe husband and i have been arguing about for a week now.