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second hand find and some lampshade lovin’


so my fabulous friend who just so happens to be a professional quilter was in the town 45 minutes away and she gave me a call from the second hand store “i have a table here for behind the sofa you want it?” “is it wood and can i paint it?” i ask “yes” she says “okay buy it! love ya!” uh yeah i don’t even need to paint it, look at that blue i love it!!! so i called my friend that everyone thinks is my sister cause we kind of look alike and say “i’ve got a table for you that you need to see if you want it it’s yours, if not it’s going in the shop” sent her some pics of the table got the response back “I WANT IT!” okay first item from my second hand business SOLD!WOOHOO! thank you wonderful friends!
here is a lamp and a pretty ugly lampshade to go with it…oh and a lego…i find those EVERYWHERE, because the boys’ new fascination is building things with legos
i decided to cover up the lampshades (one isn’t in the picture it’s on the other side of the “hutch” which i’m still trying to get the motivation to paint) i still need to spray paint the bases either black or cream (which one do YOU think?) and i still need to do the finishing touches on the top and bottom of the actual shade. but all in all pretty fast little project that involved scissors and a hot glue gun (and a little swearing while i burn my fingers off again with the hot glue…what is it with me and hot glue? i actually got a blister this time.)

but that’s about it, not one stitch was sewn all weekend long. i decided to give myself a break. i’m still recovering from the funeral for little alyssa (with how emotionally drained i was i couldn’t even imagine what her parents and siblings are going through) and i really just wanted to enjoy my kids with nothing really to do or nowhere to go, read a couple of books to escape, and clean the house so it smelled like 409 and pinesol, two of my most favorite and comforting smells. did you have a good weekend?