don’t ask, don’t tell decorating


i go to thrift stores.
nothing new there.
it’s not because of the economy or because i’m trying to stick it to the man. and most definitely not because i’m trying to find some antique to sell on ebay. i don’t like ebay it stresses me out.
not saying that anyone out there who shops at them is …i’m just saying i don’t.

i like to find treasures.
i like to find things cheap.
i like to create something different from the intended purpose of the original goal.

and because i frequent thrift stores i tend to find some pretty dirty, weird, or ugly things.
but sometimes….sometimes i find the PERFECT thing.
and all you can do is call your significant other with tears of joy, and blubber something along the lines “i can’t believe it!!! oh my gosh i could just die happy!!!”
just me? okay well anyways.

sometimes i don’t get that emotional about my find. and even though i’m excited about it. i don’t feel the need to call the man of the house and gush.
basically sometimes i forget to tell him of some of my finds.

so then we have conversations that go a little like this:
husband: passing by one of my “displays” of decorations(like the one featured above). stopping abruptly turns to me and says “when did we get that?”
me: a few months ago. it’s been there the whole time.
husband: where’d you get it?
me: thrift store.
husband: walking away grumbling and mumbling not loud enough for me to hear but i’m sure it goes a little like this “wow, my wife is so awesome. she finds wonderful things where others take their stuff to get rid of it. she saves me oodles and oodles of money by decorating this way. i am so happy to of found my treasure of a wife.”

oh yeah and when he rolls his eyes at me i’m sure he’s just looking up to the heavens and thanking his lucky stars for me and is trying to think when would be best time to ask if i need a back or foot rub.
yup pretty darn sure.

my justification is basically he needs to ask and then i’ll tell him of my finds. but till then we’ll keep having that on going scenario.

and speaking of the husband…
i found him doing this in our driveway
when he came in i asked what in the world he was doing riding my bike in a feet of snow…IN CIRCLES?
his explanation: AND I QUOTE “i was trying to create more surface area so that the ice would melt quicker.”
me: uh i don’t care what your explanation is…how am i going to explain that to the neighbors?
i’m sure people driving by are thinking “oh okay…that makes sense.”

then i went to my bedroom and found katie and buck.
my family is weird.

have a great weekend.
next week is all about the tutorials.
i think there’s 4 total i’m going to show you.

that’s if i keep the crazies all in line.
we’ll talk soon.v and co loves her sponsors go check out what’s new at the quilt shoppe

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