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you know, i kind of like the fact that i’m kind of thrifty.
or that i don’t necessarily go out and drop money on something just because i like it or because it’s in style.
heck i’ve been “buying” in my head leather couches for like years, have placed them in my living room with gorgeous pillows that i’ve made to put on them(in my head as well), and i’ve even put money aside for them.(not just in my head on that one)
but still no leather couches preside in my home.
because i stress about it.
and it’s not just the big things. small things don’t make it into my cart either. i have to sit and think about it.
so when camille wrote about these bowls…i found myself going on over there and BUYING them. just like that.
with a click and it was done! no questions asked no fretting or thinking about it. just point click and done! AH!
and guess what?
i love them.
they make me super happy.
and i use them every single day.
so i guess that impulse buy wasn’t a bad one.

but then i went ahead and bought these little bowls that match and that have no purpose except for(beside being adorably cute beyond belief) being prep bowls for things that need to be measured and that can fit in a tiny bowl. and if i had a cooking show, it would be awesome to have these bowls…but seeing that i don’t even necessarily care that much for cooking, there’s a fat chance a cooking show will ever happen. so for now they are used to contain a little bit of BBQ sauce for each individual every time i microwave cook chicken nuggets, or contain ketchup every time we have corn dogs.
and i’m totally blaming camille not feeling guilty about it.
now if could just get over the couches…
camille you want to help me out with that one too?
ps: thanks for all of the love on the quilts. yeah i kind of like em too. 😉
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