i made a couple of quilts


first off, glad to see so many people out there confessing to stinky bathrooms. thanks for the advise, the laughs, and the support. i’ll be sure to keep writing more personal, sometimes not so shining moments, as they continue to happen. one thing is for sure, if you can’t laugh about things…then life really does suck sometimes.
and who wants that?

now onto some quilty stuff.
yup me,
made one.
well, actually two.

it seems like everywhere i turn someone is announcing they are pregnant, they are finding out what they are having, or they are just about to pop.
my husband i’m happy to say that i’m over that whole hub bub of being pregnant, just envision Medusa on a bad day…lets just say i’m not pleasant the first trimester.
but that won’t stop me from being super giddy for everyone else.

you go people and your baby making skills.
here’s a tutorial for the baby that is about to make an appearance in your life or in your friend’s life!
go check it out at the moda bake shop

we’ll talk soon.
oh and happy presidents day.v and co loves her sponsors check out the rusted chain

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