things i’m crushing on

i’d like to share some love of a wonderful designer Lisa Leonard. she’s super kind and super talented and i have many necklaces of her’s i call my own. but i also like to give these to people that mean a lot to me. continue reading here

things i’m crushing on

katie has just recently (finally) started to love her kitchen and all the things i’ve made for her to put in it. click here to read more of what i’m crushing on… it may have to do something with the cute apron that matches her decor so well!

things i’m crushing on

this summer i’ll be highlighting my wonderful sponsors, and i’ll direct you to some of the things i’ve noticed, bookmarked and bought from these lovely stores. check out the lovelies i’m highlighting this week

things i’m crushing on

so i’ve mentioned before. i totally love my sponsors. and i always am checking them out to see what’s new in their shops. along the way i bookmark things i want to get from them or have already bought from them. come join me as this summer i spotlight a few of my amazing sponsors. […]

impulse buy

you know, i kind of like the fact that i’m kind of thrifty. or that i don’t necessarily go out and drop money on something just because i like it or because it’s in style. heck i’ve been “buying” in my head leather couches for like years, have placed them in my living room with […]

i love my necklace

so i got me a necklace… have you heard of lisa leonard designs? seriously… inspired. gorgeous. must have. but see now that i have one i have to have another one ( insert subliminal message to husband here) see it’s my birthday in like oh i don’t know a week from today…(insert another subliminal […]

things i’m crushing on: what’s your virtue lip gloss

so i’m a lip gloss kind of girl. these lip glosses are some of my fave. check out their story and what i say about them here! and psst if you enter in the code VandCo15 at checkout, you to get a 15% off discount on your whole purchase!