tutorial: ScrapBuster Banner


okay so the other day i made these quilts. and i had a lot of scraps left over. i came up with this scrap buster banner.
and if you end up making this quilt, using my tutorial you will have enough to make this banner as well. i think that would make such a great gift for a baby shower. or to keep for yourself.
as a matter of fact you could make a few of these banners. and a couple of quilts just from one layer cake. um how wrong can you go with that? NOT VERY!
lets get started shall we?

what you will need:

  • coordinating scraps
  • one package of binding (can be found at walmart in the craft section, or you can make your own.)
  • fabric for the back of each flag. can be coordinating ( i had some left over) or it could be muslin.

first you are going to take your scraps and you can make the strips any size you want. because i had some left over from the tutorial of the quilts i made a few more strips at 1 1/2 inches. (with the length of a layer cake: 10 inches)
and i put 5 of them together.
sew them side by side like so.
cut it in half length wise.
*now if you are “quirky” and have to have it a square, you can cut it down to one. i just opted to keep mine at 5 by 5 1/2. it didn’t bug me…but i know of people that that would drive them bonkers….so for those people, and you know who you are, for heaven sakes just cut off 1/2 inch to make it square.
cut your backing the same size as your front.
with wrong sides together.
fold it over in half. make sure your fold is away from you.
place your ruler at an angle like the picture above
if you have rotary pinking blade cut your edge with it. or you could use pinking shears
as well like i did in my other banner tutorial.
when you open it up, it should end up looking like this.
top stitch around your flag.
i did some with my scraps going sideways and the other scraps going up and down.
you can get creative and do all one color or do different combination’s.
now you are going to sew your flags as a banner using binding follow the rest of the directions here.really you can’t go wrong with this banner.
and it gives you the opportunity to use up some of your left over scraps, and not to mention to be able to make multiple banners for different baby showers.
your husband will be so proud of you and your thrifty saving ways.
i’m just saying.
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