tutorial: spray painted slipcovers…boy edition


it’s my turn to be a part of celebrate the boy month! i’m excited to show a little of what i’ve been working on for that.
this year i decided to finally start tackling my boys’ room. i knew i didn’t want too much in their room for decoration, i believe a boy’s room should be a little more on the plain side, but i wanted their room to represent them. and if there’s anything that represents my boys, it’s clone troopers.
but because i’m their mother and i like comical things i also bought this poster to go in their room as well. and because my husband has the same sense of humor i do, i constantly have to hear him say “that poster would sure look great in my office.” i think i may get him one for father’s day, or i may just have to come up with some other art for that wall and finally quiet him down by giving it to him. a woman can only take so much you know?
lets get on with the tutorial:

things you will need:
one pillow (mine is standard 16 by 16 inches)
one square cut to 16 by 16 inches (yes the same size as your pillow, i was told a long time ago that home interior decorators always make their pillow shams the same size if not a little smaller…reason is because then your pillow will fully fill the sham)
two rectangles cut to 16 by 10 inches (for the back)
freezer paper
**since i’m getting questions about where to find freezer paper i found these links:
i used Reynolds Freezer Paper
but then i found these as well:
Freezer Paper Sheets
Quilter’s Freezer Paper Sheets
i like the roll because a) it’s cheaper and b) i can make it as long as i want.
hope this helps!
spray paint (i used krylon gray and Caribbean blue)
first to create my “light saber fight” pillow (that’s what i call it) i cut long pieces of freezer paper. some straight and some a little skiwhompis.
i then placed them on my muslin and with shiny side down and ironed them on.
i got my spray paint and did a first layer of paint. let it dry and repeated the process.
once your paint has had a little bit of time to dry go ahead and peel the freezer paper off.
now to make my circle pillow shown, i used a cup for the smaller circles and a bowl for the bigger circle.
then i free handed around each circle.
and i cut out my circles.
and once you’ve ironed on the circles. repeat the spray painting instructions.
*note for the circle pillow i just made it into a pillow and not a slip cover. so to make this pillow just cut out two of the same size rectangles and when finished spray painting, sew right sides together leaving an opening big enough to turn right side out, stuff and hand sew closed.
now to make your back of the slip cover. cut two pieces of muslin at 10 1/2 by 16 inches.

fold over about 1/4 inch in (on the 16 inch side). you can iron it down but i just “creased” it with my fingers.
and then fold over again
sew down your double fold.
now you are going to with right sides together place your first back piece on top of your front spray painted piece. (make sure the sewn edges are facing to the inside of your pillow)
next place the other back piece over lapping the first.
pin it down all layers
sew all four sides using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
cut off corners. turn inside out

and place them in their room.
i’m just at the tip of the iceberg with their room. but i feel like i’m moving the right direction.

come back tomorrow, we’re changing gears and talking WEDDINGS!
yes with tutorials involved!

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