vinyl on canvas : mini tutorial


first off hello! and THANK YOU for linking up soo many wonderful things! wow! come later this week (as i finish making my rounds) i’ll showcase a few of your creations here on the blog.
second, the jedi robes.
so many of you asked where i got the pattern…they are modified versions of this pattern. maybe i can make a tutorial for the kid’s version. we’ll see.
so no, to the gal who asked if i “just winged them”. you don’t have to hate me. 😉
now lets talk about a little of what i’ve been working on, on top of the jedi robes. i love that at this stage in blogging i have sponsors that like to be… well my sponsors. (waving thank you and high five)
one major thing i try to do with my sponsors is look at their products and show you somethings that i personally would put in my house, on myself, or on my kids. another thing i like to do is link up to things i’ve bought from these sponsors. you can see my links at the bottom of my posts. basically i take the time to check out my sponsors and my sponsors are people i would buy stuff from and often do as well!
here is one thing that i saw from one of my sponsors janey mac that i had to have. now i think i’ve mentioned before: i’m not a huge vinyl on the walls girl. not that there’s anything wrong with others having it on their walls…but for me having it on my walls is too permanent. and when you change things around all the time…permanent can be a little bit on the bad side.

before i got this vinyl i asked lynnette (the owner) if it would work on canvas. she said “yeah!” so i said “i want it!”
i wanted a sort of “work of art” so here’s what i did:

*i took a 24 by 36 artist stretch canvas ( it took me two weeks to get one because i didn’t know anyone going up to where a joann’s was for that long…and you want to get it there because they are 40% off at the moment!)

*then i took watered down acrylic paint (in a light blue found at the craft section in walmart) and did a light wash over the whole canvas. let it dry.

* next i spray painted the canvas with that ivy leaf green i use all the time from walmart. (love that color.) you could still see the brush strokes i did of the watered down color underneath (but not the color so much)

*then i took the vinyl and used the picture as my guide as to where to place my flowers. following the general guidelines that she includes in her instructions on how to “install” you vinyl properly. i modified them a little by “scratching” the paper that’s over the vinyl so that it stuck onto the canvas before i pulled it off. (the picture above is of me doing the scratching before i pull it off)

*gently pull off the top paper leaving the vinyl behind.
and that’s it.

and just in case you want to make a work of art of your own: lynnette of janey mac is offering a 15% discount off your purchase if you mention V and Co. in the notes. they will refund you your discount through paypal.

my work of art now hangs in my living room…which i didn’t get a picture of because this weekend we were too busy with G.C., easter-ing it up with egg hunting, egg war-ing, eating, and laughing with friends.
we had a wonderful weekend.

best one in a long time.
hope you had a wonderful weekend too.
i’ll add a picture later on when the light is right in my living room.
edited: here it is in my living room. i love how just one thing of art can change the dynamics of a the room.
we’ll talk soon.

v and co loves her sponsors and welcomes newbie resweater. her blog has awesome ideas on upcycling wool and sweaters!
and psst check out the furniture here!
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