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so my boys have been begging for jedi robes.
for like ever.
last week while i was tired and probably half asleep boy #1 had a conversation with me that i can’t remember for the life of me what was said in it, but at the end i did the “pinky promise” to seal the deal.
oh crap what the…what had i just promise to?
apparently i pinky promised that by the end of the week i would have made and outfitted all three male noisemakers under the age of 11 with a jedi robes.
nicely played my friend nicely played…

i’ve been working on a lot of other things. yes i have. and yes it’s been rather quiet on the V and Co tutorial front…but there is a reason. in due time, made known to you, it will.
but for now here’s what i’ve worked on this week.
three jedi robes for the boys…and one jedi robe for the girl…only because the first jedi robe for the third noise maker was too small. so she got it and wore out in town. she loves it and calls it her “sen-sen rofe” which translates out to “princess robe” because hello princess leah and hello padme before she’s made queen or after or… whatever…i’m not the nerd in the house.
and so here it is the first ever “link me up” post i’ve ever done.
show me what you’ve been doing
whether it’s a V and Co tutorial or not. show it you will!
okay sorry with all the yoda talk.
have a sweet weekend. come monday i have one of the things i’ve been working on to show you.
we’ll talk soon.
the force is strong. now link up you will:

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