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babies a plenty


see growing up in the great city of los angeles and then moving to the “smaller” city of san diego…i didn’t have the opportunity to see many brand new baby farm animals while in my childhood years. that is so not the case for my children as we find ourselves here in the middle of nowhere. baby farm animals are a-plenty. so much that going to the farm to see the new baby lambs has sort of become a “awwww, do we have to mom?” from the two older noisemakers. to which i answer rather kindly cause that’s how i roll “yes, and so help me if you ruin this for me the two younger kids, i’ll do something mean to you.”
to which eye rolls are made a-plenty, sweatshirts are put on, and we happily drive away in the mini van to meet up with friends.

to see the cute baby lambs…and making memories and traditions completely different from my childhood…but still with the same intentions.

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