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the starts of our garden


so i’ve mentioned before that we live at the altitude of 7000+ feet.
gardening (and cooking) follow a whole different set of rules here from where the husband and i grew up… near ocean level.
because our growing time is shorter than most other places (it’s been snowing the past few days..and we’ve been known to get snow in june even!) a few of the people around here (the serious gardeners) have some kind of outside green house. that’s not in our budget at the moment, so i started researching indoor gardens.
this is intriguing but i am just wanting to make my growing season longer so that’s why i started things early this time around.
last year we experimented just to see if we could even grow a garden.
we started late. but we still had quite the garden of zucchinis and peas.
this year i wanted more of what i knew my family would eat and eat and eat and eat.
MORE FRUIT and some vegies.

i love strawberries and so do my kids. if we had endless amounts of strawberries for each individual mentioned…we would all eat as many as we could and we wouldn’t care about the runs we would all get because of it.
of a fruit.
and we have it.
the husband likes them but not enough to give himself self induced runs.

we’ve already noticed a few growing. and it is not uncommon to hear in the midst of the chaos i like to call my home…somebody yelling out “i call that strawberry! that one’s mine!!!” to which another one will be like “NO! that one’s MINE!!! i called it like yesterday.”
good times.

we also went to walmart and bought 2 of these little starter green houses. each cost us $5 each.

each comes with 72 individual pockets of soil for each little plant to grow.
we have cantaloupe, carrots, lettuce, watermelon, tomatoes, pumpkins, and peas.
no zucchini this year. because people door bell ditch it here in town. just kidding but you can’t go to the post office without someone asking if you want peaches or zucchinis.

the kids are more excited then i expected. the boys think its cool that we are growing little chia pets…katie can’t stop talking about the strawberries. i mean hello…that’s what strawberry shortcake grows and one thing is for sure the girl loves strawberry shortcake.
we’ll have a long(er) growing season this year. thanks to starting early this year. i really hope and cross my fingers that this will work out but in the mean time

we’ll just have to keep waiting.

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