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great second hand finds


so this weekend my fabulous friend that just so happens to be a professional quilter, decided that she was going to *pay* me back for watching her boys one saturday so she could go to the town 45 minutes away…she told me to take my time…oh and i did. so with just katie in tow i went to the local second hand store that i usually don’t even think of going in due to having the whole crew with me and being spoiled with the second hand stores up in salt lake city…but HELLO…these past two times that i’ve gone in there…i have not been dissapointed. so here’s my…i mean katies new (partial) tea set for her room, it came with 3 tea cups, 2 saucers, and 2 plates…i gave her the two complete sets and i took the extra cup and put it in my decor in my kitchen. i love this tea set!!! it was 50 cents a piece.

i also found katie’s new bedding for her little doll crib (which by the way was mine growing up), the mattress was a pillow case and the *cute* orange blanket was a steal at 50 cents! um and i finally went and bought this mirror that i have been coveting for over 5 months now. it was a $32 and i fretted over it and i’ve had it in my basket so many times when i’ve been at home depot only to put it back at the last minute…but i finally bought, it i figured if i’ve been thinking about it for over 5 months it was worth buying.

and i don’t know if this is a figment of my imagination or what…but did anyone else have one of these little picnic baskets growing up? maybe i just *wished* i had one and so i created it in my head…but none the less the little one was as excited about this thing as i was.

other finds not pictured were: a chunky transformer that kyle absolutely loves, a WHOLE set of legos (which my boys have been asking for) for 3 dollars…oh and my *most favorite* is a yellow necklace for 75 cents…but i’ll show you that one another day when i have an outfit to show it off!

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