christmas decorating and what i’m working on


thanksgiving is over… and it’s full speed ahead christmas now…so this week expect a tutorial on your own pottery barn style ornament, a before and after, and some sewing thrown in there… the three boys have been helping with decorating the sad little fake tree, maybe next year GI joe husband will be a manly man and cut us down a real tree… katie has been helping destroy all the hard work the boys did by taking down what they just did and re-arranging it the way she wants it…both sides are pretty upset with the whole situation…this is going to be a looooong christmas season. so this is my newest redo on the house, sorry it’s blurry…what do you think i’m working on? this has been bugging me since we moved in, and well now there’s no turning back and i hope i like the finished product! we’ll see in the next few days.

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