tutorial:: pottery barn looking frame ornament


so i’m sure some of you already have the pottery barn ornaments that are silver and are monogrammed…if you are looking to replicate that, look somewhere else cause i don’t have an engraver and i’m cheap remember?! but if you want a cute little knock off of a frame ornament then this is the tutorial for you!

first you’ll need a little frame this one measures 4 x 3 1/2 you can go to Micheal’s and find small frames or i’m sure you could find them in the frame isle anywhere.

next get your glue gun out, don’t burn yourself (i usually do) and if you do burn yourself don’t swear, cause you’re going to have to repent for that one (i usually do). now glue gun your cute ribbon onto the back of the frame or if you are lucky like me and your little frame came with a matte (sp?), glue gun it to the back of that.

place it in your frame, put your picture in and…

put your back on and…

voila! presto! finito! that’s it …really…but it sure looks cute on your tree!
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