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okay, i bought myself a few things this last week, an early birthday present? maybe a belated 10 year anniversary present…hmmm nope i’m just going to blame this one on i really needed a pick me up and on friday and i wanted photoshop and darn it i was going to buy it. so i did, and i’ve wasted oodles and oodles amount of time just sitting here and tinkering with it. but good thing is i took some pictures i don’t usually take pictures of. did i mention that i am surrounded by farm lands? they make for really cool pictures. this little guy is our back yard neighbor for the moment, usually as the summer starts rolling along the cows (and a lot of them!) are our neighbors, oooh that’s going to make for some good pictures! now if i could only get better at TAKING good pictures. practice i guess is the only way to go.
here’s buck. he’s super friendly, big, and super excitable all the time, he does seem to of slowed down a little since he got hit by a car in january, but he made a miraculous comeback, from my understanding the teenager ran over him with both sets of tires. and well not all of buck’s cylinders are firing, (but really who’s are?) but we love him to death, he’s a great dog. okay and my armoire (still dont know if i’m spelling it right!) came! remember? i made a swap for a super expensive car seat that we hardly used, (we had two and only needed one) so i gave her the car seat in exchange for one of her armoires from the hotel they were renovating, so i had to move stuff around. don’t know if i like the quilt over my dresser yet, but for now that will do cause the quilt rack was there before the dresser. going to do something about the lamp shade, buy a new one or something. don’t know we’ll see.
here’s the armoire, can’t wait to paint it, well actually i can, but i can’t wait for it to be done painted! i think maybe puke green, my favorite is ralph lauren khaki (i was going to put link to the color, but online it looks like brown, which would make sense because of the name but when i bought a sample it was puke green and dried puke green, hmmmm)
and then i bought this little cute pendant, by littleputbooks she makes them from recycled scrabble pieces, it’s my favorite necklace, and she’s updating her etsy shop hopefully later tonight or tomorrow morning, but not that i’m going to buy anymore right now, between photoshop and “other things” i need to just lay low, create with what i got, and enjoy my new digs.

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