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moving things around (bonnie did i do better?)

a little cluttered, but i still think i like it, i think i like the cluttered style! (okay i took down the wreath cause it was too cluttered…looks better!)

okay so after that picture of katies room a couple of posts back i realized i hated the layout of her room, so i moved things around…do you think it looks better? i’m still have to paint her dresser white (and distress it) and then i think if i put a light cream on the walls or tan i think her room will be a little closer to what i envision…oh and that little bit of fabric on the table instead of the quilt i think (well once i sew it into a little table topper) will make the room cuter. also a friend of mine is going to show me how to crochet a rug out of fabric, and it’ll be round so i think i’ll put in under her little table in the middle of the room so the table doesn’t look like its floating in the middle! what do you think? do you like? i think i do!

OH! and i think i might be getting my armior (what is the right spelling for that anyways?!) i’m trying to barter with a gal here in town who bought a hotel and changed it to her house ( i know! it’s huge!!!) but with it came a ton of armior (there’s that word again!) and i have a car seat ( you know those rediculously expensive ones that are high end) that is still in the box and i think she’s wanted to barter with me! wooooohoooooo!!!!!