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like mother like daughter


so i was on the phone the other day with my mom and i was trying to laugh off the fact that my daughter is a tyrant. we had a couple of play dates with another little girl, violet. she’s adorable, but the first time we got together katie almost scratched her eyes out! and she (in her own little katie language) bossed her around and took things away from her and so on. finally after an hour or so i guess violet had had enough of it and pushed katie. katie was appalled! she looked at me and started to cry. all i could think was “you deserved that”! but i do have to say we had another play date with her, and the girls scowled at each other for about 5 minutes, and then they were laughing and actually giving things back and forth! is this a girl thing?

anyways, on the phone with my mom it went a little like this:
me: yeah it’s okay now that she scowls at everyone i mean she’s young enough that people make comments that she’s cute and what a look!, but what happens when she’s a really mean girl at like 6 or 7 or something!

mom: well you were exactly the same way till you were 4 or 5, then you just became shy and wouldnt leave my legs, but you turned out okay.

me:wait what? i used to give dirty looks too?

mom: oh yeah, all the time to kids to adults anyone you didn’t know

me: oh my gosh. i had no idea. jake was right! it IS my fault that she’s like that (he’s a jokester before you get offended by him for me!)

you have to understand, most of you know me on a face to face basis and know that i like to be around as many people as often as i can, i’m the “where’s the next party” kind of girl. so to hear that i was anything but, gives me hope that katie will be okay and not a total mean girl and recluse!
i guess another thing we have in common is the love of fabric, this is courtesy of katie while i was working on something, i guess she opened my closet and went to town! but you can bet a million bucks that whenever there is fabric laying around she’s got a few pieces in her hands