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anticipation, excileration, and deprivation


today was a super busy day for me, first off the anticipation of finishing up jake’s dissertation copying and getting it back to the college so that it can be bound and made into a book. well five books i guess. i had to make (perfect requirements for submission) 5 copies so that they would go to all the right places and people. but it’s D.O.N.E. done! and what weight off my shoulders that is to have it done! now jake will get his PhD. come april. what a road! and it ended today! so yeah! now off to finish doing my taxes without jake’s help AGAIN cause he’s gone from home AGAIN during tax season! i would say it was on purpose but i’m pretty sure that it’s not. second, i got to provo during the departments lunch hour so i had a little time to spare, and i was going to do hit and runs of all my wonderful friends (knock on door say hi give a hug and run!) but i thought i would hit the provo town mall for the little bit of time i had to spare, and save the next time i have a little more time, to actually say hello to all you fabulous ladies! (just know that i had you on my mind!) while at the provo town mall, i came to realize that i have not been in a mall in such a long time and all i have been accustomed to is target when i go up to salt lake city. now don’t get me wrong no way am i going to diss my favorite store! but OH MY GOODNESS!!! a mall is WONDERFUL!!! now i know most of you live by a mall and one that is much better than the provo mall, but to me it was pure bliss!!! i’ve been for the past year lucky to get to the walmart 45 minutes away once a week (not in snowy season!) and that is where i’ve been outfitting myself and my family for the past year. i stepped inside the mall and my eyes just lit up with all the possibilities! i even had to take kyle to the restroom in dillards and i got to pass by the cutest china by kate spade, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW EXISTED for it had not been for my martha stewart living magazine, and here i was IN PERSON looking at it! it was so lovely, i just kept looking and looking and looking as i quickly passed by bedding, china, clothes, shoes, and accessories! anyways after the bathroom i found my new found love Down east basics…does everyone know about this store? this is the first i’ve heard of it! AND I Love love love love love lovelovelove love it!!! i got this shirt and i bought the necklace at claires right around the corner from this wonderful store.
and to make my day even more perfect, as i was done with my fast times at provo, i was on my way home, with my cute finds (at not bad prices! the wonders of lots of stores under one roof and competing for my love and money) i stopped at my favorite junk food and got me my favorite meal. (here you can be grossed out but i don’t care!) a big mac and diet coke. as i drive away so excited to take my first bite, i get on the freeway, and start enjoying my meal. then i go to take a swig of my wonderful diet coke, but bleh…that’s gross, what….i take another sip…”EWWWW, GROSS!!!” not diet coke, REGULAR coke! YUCK! i look in my rear view mirror, miles and miles away is mcdonnalds, no way can i turn around, i have to pick up the boys, i have to make it back to the highway to loa before it gets too late because it will be closed if i get there too late. ugh. sadness. as the trip continues i completely realize how deprived we are from having so many nice malls, and just everything a real town can offer. as i get closer to home i get to drive in this wonderful scene:

no one believes me when i tell them we get pretty close to a white out everyday on our way out of town, hence why during the winter months i try not to go to walmart unless i absolutely have to. this isnt even the worse it’s ever been, but it gives you an idea. the clouds are high and the sky may be blue, but the winds are fierce, and the snow doesnt melt as quickly as it does in lower elevations, so hence the road gets shut down in and out of town as the night goes on, because too many accidents could happen. so up until this trip up to provo, with the warm weather of 47 degrees (that’s warm to me right now!) and the grass starting to turn a little bit of green, and the lovely malls and stores, and the conveniences of life up there, i’ve been pretty okay being out in the middle of nowhere, but now i’m feeling very deprived. and well i guess that means i need to head up to provo more often, so lady friends of provo and surrounding areas, just realize as the weather gets a little better, i will be a coming up to the area!