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well looky what we got here…


my fabulous friend that just so happens to be a professional quilter brought back my katie quilt! i’m binding it this weekend!!! oh and see these plates? yeah they are alright, someone was cleaning out their closet and didn’t want them any more and asked if i wanted this little plate rack and the the plates to go along with it…wasn’t too excited about the plates…but with some spray paint
hello now they don’t look so bad! it was kimba from a soft place to land that taught me not to underestimate the power of spray paint!

and yes i got another one of these nice awards this time from empty nest full life, this gal is so nice and we hit it off from the first time we uh…met? blogged? commented on each other’s blogs! anyways, thank you so much for the niceness. i’m glad people like my blog as much as i like to spout off my mouth about nothing really and some quilting and child rearing here and there! oh and thank you to all you nice ladies that put my link up on your blog, any little bit of publicity helps seeing that i’m just starting out in this whole etsy thing! thank you!