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shooting for wednesday


i decided to take a few days off of the blogging world.
as in i tried not to check other’s people’s blogs and tried to live as if blogging weren’t a part of life. it was a nice little break.
i think i need those every so often.
in that time i made katie a little stitchery that goes well with her “colorful” room. her room has become the hodgepodge of colors. i think when i put her in a “big girl bed” i’ll decide what exactly i’m going to do with colors and such things. but for now you will find almost every color of the rainbow except PURPLE… (okay there’s a smidge of purple on the ballerina card in the picture but that’s it for the whole room)
yes that’s a quirk.
for some reason i do not like purple.
purple has never done anything wrong to me.
but i just don’t like it.
i like it in other’s people’s homes and clothes…
but not on me or my house.
i know i’m weird.
anywho, i’m working on some pillows, table runners, and patterns for my etsy shop. i’m shooting for wednesday.
lets see if i can do it!
oh yeah did you see you can follow me on twitter now. yeah a friend told me to do it so i did. i’m not that exciting but if you want to follow just check out the side bar and go to “follow me on twitter” maybe i’ll just start making up crazy things to make it exciting. 😉
have a relaxing weekend.
i need to start lighting a fire under my butt so i can make things happen by wednesday!