real pine wreath tutorial


this wreath, is inexpensive, and pretty fast to make.
first you will need a grape vine wreath (walmart around $2)
and then you will need some pine tree limbs (when we went to get our tree i cut some limbs off of surrounding trees)
then you will need some crafting wire, and some pruning shears.
gather up a few main branches that are going to be your base of your wreath (these should be medium sized branches)
with your crafting wire, secure your branch onto the wreath by tying down your branch in a few places.

keep doing so around your whole wreath, over lapping your branches.

with a little bit smaller branches fill in places that are bare.
make sure you fill in gaps with these smaller branches.
then you are going to cut smaller clusters.
these will fill in any small gaps you have in your wreath. i used the hot glue gun for these.
when you can’t see the grape wreath underneath you are done.
this is my finished plain pine wreath.
i wanted to dress it up a little so i added some ornaments on it.
i cut some of the craft wire and used it to hook it on to my wreath.
i hung my wreath with a ribbon made out of muslin, cut to about 5 inches in width.
simple and perfect for the holiday season!

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