sytyc:week two


first off i haven’t thanked you for the love of my turkey! so glad you like him as much as katie and i do (ahem and my boys have mentioned that it’s kind of cool too).
i even got a finished picture already from one of you! 😉
i’ll be doing a “look at you guys go” again so make sure you keep the pictures coming either through links or email or the flicker group!

okay so last week on sytyc
the theme was “harvest”
my project: the “wheat pillows”

so many of you were right as to which one was my project!
the “wheat pillows” evolved when i started to think i wanted something modern, easy to make, and something i would put in my house.
and well, voila! the wheat pillows were born. i’ll have a tutorial up on how to make them later on. most likely later on friday. that way you can all have some time with the winning tutorial for the last challenge.
congrats to dana for winning the first round!

now the theme for this week is “leaves” (and will be up around 9 am today mst)
can you guess which one is mine this time around?
it might not be as blatant as last time…or maybe i’m wrong and you can still figure it out.
whatever the case, go and vote for your favorite craft…and we’ll see next monday if i continue on to the next round of sytyc!!!

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