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in the end, it’s the christenson’s who win the game



after two days of wearing closed toe shoes (anyone who knows me personally knows that’s a BIG DEAL), i whispered to jake from two rooms over “JAKE…I.JUST.SAW.IT.”
it was behind the water heater. and it had come out for a mere second as my super heighten senses went off.
jake with his flash light and i with my…uh…feather duster…we thought we had it cornered until it did jackie chan moves of a series of jumps and flips in the air past the peanut butter traps, the stupid fat cat, stomping feet, and a screaming feather duster.
i have to admit i felt a little like harry potter as the seeker in a quidich game, only i don’t think harry was screaming at the top of his lungs the whole time trying to catch the golden snitch.
in the end the mouses poor choice to run into our bathroom was what led to its final doom…
by a feather duster…and me attached at the end of that.

we sat there staring at it…blinked a few times…i looked up at my husband…came to and yelled…

“i cannot BELIEVE I WON!!!! i did it! ME!!! not you! ME!!!!
*brushing off heeby jeebies and throwing the feather duster down*

thanks for all the great support and advise, but in the end who knew it would be a feather duster…and the screaming female attached at the end of it that would end this saga…

now i can go back to wearing flip flops again.
and all is made well in my world.