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how my weekend turned into “not so good”


so our house is surrounded by fields.
lots and lots of fields.
and well in fields you commonly find field mice.
this is a story about just that…but with a baaaaad ending.
read on:

we found a cute little field mouse outside and caught it in a mason jar…
brought it in the house,
the kids all loved it.
yes, yet another stupid move by the big city people living in the country.

jake felt bad that it didn’t have anything to drink, so he opened the mason jar and went to give it some water… the thing shot out of there like it was bitten by a radioactive spider.
i mean i’ve NEVER seen anything move THAT fast, and jump THAT high and PRECISE.

and i would of never of guessed that i would of reacted like all the cartoons depict women who come head to head with a mouse do.
we’ve tore up the house and have cleaned under every big appliance.
currently the mouse is winning 1 christenson’s 0

…it’s still in our house.
and it’s not so cute OR little any more.