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my before and after


well i promised bonnie that i would do a before and after, so here it is, don’t you looooove the blue? would you be soooo jealous if i told you the inside was that color too? i’ll do before and afters of some of the inside another day, i’m definitely still working on things, ( i need my friend brooke to come over here and do her magic with bead board, what do you think brooke, you and kate up to a trip up to the country?) mainly we’ve just primed the walls with white, where most people are painting their walls a different color we were just going to plain white! when i post the pictures you’ll see why!!!

as for the house it’s not my dream house but it will do, it provides a roof over our heads and a place for us to call home. i keep envisioning all the things i want to do to it, but i have to remember all in due time, and this isn’t our “forever” house. so i can just wait and do with what i got…

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