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okay well most of you already know all about labels, but i’m just so cool that i’m just figureing it out, so instead of all my quotes being on the side, i’m going to make a “label” with them and just add them as time keeps going…the latest one is the one that ryan did this morning!

“A party pooper is someone who goes to a party and needs to go poop.”-Ryan
-“You may now call me ‘master of puzzles'”-Ryan
-“You messed with the bull, NOW you get the horns!”- Nate (have no idea where that came from)
-“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”-Ryan when kyle asked him why he did something.
-“I don’t need the spirit in the house, because I have the spirit IN me now.”-Nate
-“That’s the way Jose!”-Kyle (he was trying to say “no way Jose”
-“Remember no blood, no call.”-Jake when leaving the babysitter with “instructions”
-“Mom, first off it wasn’t me, and second, it was an accident”-Ryan
-“Dad, that looks really good, can I have some?” -Ryan….Jake’s response (and I’m not joking) “No, you don’t want any of this, it tastes like poo.” (that got lots of laughs around the table, all ofcourse except me, and I wonder where my kids get it from?!)
-“Katie just told me she needs you to stop what you are doing and help her” -Jake (realize the girl has a vocabulary of 3 words that only her fam understands and one of them is “da” which means dad and dog)
-“What doesn’t kill you, just makes you stronger, or that more insane, and I hear doctors have great drugs for that.”-Vanessa (when asked how she is going to survive this next year
-“Mom, you’re a female, cause girls are females, and boys are fems (pronounced FEAM)”- Ryan
-“OOOH, you mean if I don’t do that I WON’T get in trouble.”-Nate (Which then Jake’s response was: “Wait, HOLY CRAP! VANESSA!!! I think Nate’s getting it!!!”)
-“Dear Heavenly Father, please help Nate get a clue and not get in trouble in school anymore…”-Ryan
-“No, you are not allowed to say ‘stupid’…unless you are talking about the goats.”-Jake to the boys
-“You can have him! His name is Billy and we don’t like him”-Felicia (another move in like ourselves, found out first hand that goats can be…fun) and now we have two goats
-“You gonna slaughter that goat?”-Nate’s classmate Lucas asked Jake this when we bought Daisy from his dad
-“I did not know that people actually say “Git-er done” but they DO!”-Vanessa
-“While you were gone, your goat got IN AND ON my CAR!!! I now hate your goats.”-Julie (next door nieghbor long time friend and a now a hater of goats, welcome to the club!)
-“I’ve realized, under no circumstance, does swearing at the goat help the situation.”-Vanessa
-“Oh, I have Santa’s direct line, dont make me use it!”-Jake
-“Mom why is it so easy for me to be good?”-Ryan
-“I wasn’t thinking anything.”-Nate (usually the answer to “What were you thinking?!”
-“THAT was not on purpose!”-Nate
-“Whoa! You fall me down!”-Kyle (you made me fall)
-“Don’t worry I can fix that!”-Nate