Quotable Quotes

overheard from the other room


“so it’s friday night and your mom is making me go out on a date tonight” said the dad the 9 year old son looks up a little nervous and answers: “oh yeah? with who?” **** got to love the noisemakers. **** no worries the dad explained it to the 9 year old son it […]

quotable quotes


been saving some of these to just put them together: **”mom! katie looks like a flower!”-kyle (i made her a new bow, i think it’s his way of saying it might be a little too big) **”logan broke up with me.”-ryan (he and his best little bud i guess had a little scuffle, nate and […]

I’m so highspeed


okay well most of you already know all about labels, but i’m just so cool that i’m just figureing it out, so instead of all my quotes being on the side, i’m going to make a “label” with them and just add them as time keeps going…the latest one is the one that ryan did […]

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