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this last weekend


welcome november! oh my gosh welcome november? okay well i’ll just roll with it i guess.

this last weekend i was able to pick up that “big piece of art” i had in mind.
when i first saw it here. and then i saw it here. i knew that i needed to pinch pennies as i knew it was kind of pricey. then i saw that print at homegoods for a whopping $70ish dollars but passed it up because…well i don’t know why. and i’ve regretted it every since.

so i kept saving pennies…and i then found it here for $4o ish and took that as my sign of yes in fact i was to get it. i then had it framed and it came out to be $100 less than what ballard designs is asking for it. granted its not a canvas but i love how it turned out.

after taking in the picture from the last post of my living room i decided i didn’t like a few things.
here’s a word of advise: ever want to see your room from a different perspective…take a picture and you will see what you like and don’t like!
on the opposite side of that wall is my dining area. which i had the idea of getting large letters to spell out “EAT” i’ve been made fun of relentlessly by the husband, and every time he comes in the room he’ll think of more letters we need to get so he can change and keep coming up with new words to place on the wall.
not to mention that he also had the question for me “so if we have the word “EAT” over our dining table will we also have to get the word “POOP” over our toilets?”
i told him to stop already. he’s having too much fun with this and i don’t think there’s going to be any stopping any time soon.

okay back to sewing i only have a few more hours till kids get back from school!
we’ll talk soon!