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picture by pottery barn

i see it all the time. and really it’s not their fault. they hear “eye level” and yeah we are taller these days, but too often i see pictures “floating” up on walls too high. and when asked by someone who wants my help to decorate their space i’ve had a couple of interesting “discussions” on what “eye level” in their house means. i often hear “my husband and i are taller than you.”
uh yeah, well most of America is taller than me so what’s your point?
it still doesn’t change one HUGE point:
picture by pottery barn

art galleries actually set the standard. they say that the average eye level is between 59 to 63 inches. so as decorators of our own spaces, we are advised to use that as our guideline…oh i can hear all the questions already:

should the top, bottom, or center be that height?

the center of your art should be at the recommended height.

what if i have a group of pictures?

well then pretend your group of pictures is one big piece of art. the center of your art should always be around the 59 to 63 inches off the ground.
plan accordingly when you start hanging your group up.

image from the book: In the Country Style: Timeless Designs for Today’s Home

what about over sofa’s and beds?

6 to 12 inches above the sofa or your head board (so the experts say)

what about buffets or side tables (shelves)?

generally you want to hang it (or have it leaning against the wall) close to the anchoring piece of furniture so around 4 to 8 inches above (so the experts say)

so there you have it my first 101 for decorating.

here’s to not having too high of art on the walls.

it’ll make your house more pleasing to the eye i promise!

have a great weekend!
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i have a date with book #3

City of Glass (Mortal Instruments)
i would like to point out that EDWARD has BEEN REPLACED.

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